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2016-2017 Competition Team News


Congratulations Team TDC, National Champions, from Beyond The Stars Atlantic City, New Jersey Nationals 2017! Team TDC left this event with the Stellar Award for ages 13 and up at the Ultimate Challenge with the team production piece, The Tree of Souls, choreographed by Jennie Membrino-Nano. Along with this championship, the studio also had many first place wins, special awards, and invitations for pieces to the Ultimate Challenge!

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Team TDC had an incredible season this year filled with lots of amazing moments! We were so impressed with the growth, passion, and love that shone through these performers each time they took to the stage.

The studio was blessed to accept many Technique, Sportsmanship, Choreography, and Class Act awards throughout the season.

Some stand out moments this year included:

Choreographer: Brittany Ashlaw

00165230Island Vibes, had the awesome opportunity to perform for Fox 25 Boston’s Zip Trip when it came to Winchendon! You can find the video on Fox 25 Boston’s Facebook page. This piece received high scores and placements many times throughout the season.

Choreographer: Joyce Baldwin
Celebrate, took home the 1st Place Jr. Large Group Award at BTS Regionals and was selected for the Ultimate Challenge at Nationals.

Big Finish, had an amazingly fun season and received the Sisterhood of Style Award and 1st Place Senior Duet/Trio at Dance Ovations.

Friends For Life, had a wonderful year and received an Elite award at Dancers Inc. along with the BFFs award and 2nd Place Junior All Star Duet/Trio.

Choreographer: Nancy Bonanno


Think, received the Ultimate Emotional Execution Award at BTS Regionals after their best performance of the year.

Choreographer: Amanda Couturier-Cormier


Lessons of Antoine, won the 12 and Under Ultimate Challenge for Small Groups at Beyond The Stars Nationals and the Stellar Award at the BTS Regionals.


Seasons, had a beautiful year and received the Elegance and Grace Award at Onstage NY and placed 3rd in Mini groups.


The In Between, received the Outstanding Passion Award, a Choreography Award, and was a Critics’ Choice Nominee at Onstage NY. At Nationals, it placed 1st for Senior Large Groups.


Final Song, was a celebration of dance for some of our graduates and received Platinum at BTS Regionals and 1st Place All Star Senior Jazz Small Group.


From Sunrise to Sunset, gave total commitment and dedication and at Dance Ovations received a High Gold and 5th Place Teen Contemporary.


Feel Again, gave emotional performances that truly touched us this season and at Dance Ovations won an Absolute.


Numb, gave breathtaking performances and received many 1st place overalls including BTS Regionals and then placed 2nd at Nationals and was asked to dance in the Ultimate Challenge.

I Look To You, had a beautiful season and received a Diamond at BTS Regionals along with 1st Place Teen All Star Duet/Trio.

Motus, gave so much passion in their performances and at BTS regionals received a Diamond and 2nd Place Senior All Star Duet/Trio.

Choreographer: Debbie Falconer


Stray Cat Strut, was awarded the Ultimate Costume Award at BTS Regionals and was selected for the Ultimate Challenge at Nationals.


The Rose, was picture perfect every performance and at BTS received a Platinum and 6th Place All Star Teen Large Group.

Choreographer: Jessica Falconer


Weird People, was so much fun and energetic and received 1st Place All Star Junior Jazz Small Group and a Diamond award at BTS Regionals.


Conductor,  had an awesome season and at Nationals placed 1st Teen Large Group, received a special award, was called back to the Ultimate Challenge, and won the challenge for 13 and Up Large Groups.

Choreographer: Jennie Membrino-Nano


Feather Red, received the Emotional Execution Award and was 1st Place Senior Large Group at BTS Regionals.


Seeking Shelter, received the Ultimate Technique Award at Nationals, and was also given the Judges’ Choice Award at Dance Ovations Regionals.


Swarm, had a fierce season and came away from Dance Ovations with an Absolute and 2nd Place Teen Small Group win!


Home, gave a stunning performance at BTS Regionals and received a Platinum and 1st Place Rising Star Teen Small Group Lyrical.


The Tree of Souls, blew us away this season and won so many high scores, specials, and high praise all season! What an amazing Production number!

Three Blind Mice, had a fun season and received 1st Place Little Ones Duet/Trio and a High Gold at Dance Ovations in March.

Hold On, had an emotional season and received a Diamond and 1st Place Junior All Star Duet/Trio at BTS Regionals and at Nationals placed 2nd.